basicDIM Wireless Modules, Drivers and User Interface

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basicDIM Wireless Overview


The Casambi Ready basicDIM Wireless control technology allows versatile and professional interaction with all luminaires within an area – fully intuitive and with no additional wiring required.
The basis for the wireless light management is found in the luminaire with the LED module, a 24 V constant voltage or DALI driver and one of the basicDIM Wireless modules. The control profiles are saved during the luminaire production stage. Users can choose whether to control the lighting using the 4remote BT App or via the user interface.
Up to 127 light points can be conveniently controlled via Bluetooth: switching on and off as well as dimming functions are just as simple as grouping luminaires and creating lighting settings. Tunable White luminaires change their colour temperature to suit the user and the direct and indirect light content are simple to adjust. All the elements for integrating sensors are also in place.
basicDIM Wireless, a Casambi Ready technology, is the ideal solution for updating conventional lighting without requiring any additional construction effort. There are hardly any limits to the usage area with this. In office buildings for instance, each room and zone benefits from the system’s easy-to-use and multi-functional intelligence.

The benefits for the luminaire manufacturer (Production) at a glance
  • Simple configuration
  • Define luminaire properties
  • Allocate luminaire properties wirelessly

The benefits for the commissioning engineer (Installation) at a glance

  • Commission, programme and control luminaires intuitively via the 4remote BT App
  • Locate and assign luminaires wirelessly with ease
  • Adapt the system quickly

The benefits for the building operator at a glance

  • Simple updates
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Ensure multi-functional use for rooms
  • Individual wireless light adjustments

The benefits for the user at a glance

  • Individual operation for luminaires
  • Simple graphic luminaire selection
  • Intuitively adjust the light shade and intensity


Options for use

Selection of settings

Saved settings can be accessed quickly and adjusted to the planned room usage

Colour temperature

The light shade can be adjusted individually in accordance with the luminaires used

Dimming options

between 1% and 100%

Presence detection

Light to suit requirements through integration of sensors


Scheduling possible using internal clock and calendar


Adjustments for changes to usage requirements or for system expansion

Group circuit system

Control for individual luminaires and groups adjustable to usage requirements at any time via the 4remote BT App. Simple subsequent expansions through wireless installation

Wireless emergency

Wireless emergency

Combined with the sceneCOM evo, the basicDIM Wireless can be used to create a wireless emergency system.



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