Tridonic software simplifies parameter settings

The Tridonic companionSUITE software collection supports luminaire manufacturers with the generation, transmission and control of driver settings.
These include current, corridorFUNCTION, chronoSTEP, Constant Light Output, DC level for emergency lighting, etc. The companionSUITE is compatible with all common interfaces like DALI-2 or NFC. Their objective is to optimise processes in the long-term and counteract production errors. During subsequent quality management, Tridonic companionSUITE also makes it easier to analyse and correct potential sources of error.


This intuitive software enables users to create individual profiles with ease. This ensures that every driver receives the right setting in the next step. Thanks to regular updates and consistent further development, the software is always up to date.
The web based tool can be opened via:


Using this program, production employees can easily and securely transfer defined settings to the driver. To avoid errors to the highest degree possible, the device­CONFIGURATOR has a special function package consisting of a traffic light function and a barcode scan for reliable identification of the driver. There is also the option of checking written parameters via DALI and NFC.
The application is available to download from our website.


This software was designed to make it easier for luminaire manufacturers to analyse errors in the event of a return. All parameters can be read out using the driver and compared with the original configuration. Deviations, which occurred at the luminaire’s place of use, are marked automatically.

The web based tool can be opened via:

In order to use it please install in addition the utility tool deviceANALYSER reader. The application is available to download from our website.

LED driver configuration with Tridonic’s companionSUITE

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