Outdoor: increased road safety and energy efficiencies. Improved quality of life for urban citizens.

With Tridonic’s smart and efficient LED lighting solutions for outdoor applications, local authorities can rely on lighting that stands out by its high quality, supreme reliability, and low maintenance – thus ensuring highest levels of safety on motorways, streets, and in public places. Besides realising impressive energy savings, Tridonic customers benefit from an accelerated return on investment. 
Tridonic’s smart lighting solutions for outdoor are robust, reliable and unaffected by environmental influences, such as weather, extreme temperatures, humidity, and moisture. With innovative electronic and LED solutions, Tridonic today offers a comprehensive functionality required to meet the needs of even the most arduous environments. 
Quality, reliability, efficiency, and precision – that’s what Tridonic stands for today. With our next-generation LED lighting solutions, we provide the best total solutions for our luminaire customers to meet the current and future amenity lighting requirements.
Learn more about our LED solutions for outdoor:
LED light engines
LED Drivers (compact fixed output)
LED Drivers (linear / area fixed output)
LED Drivers (dimming)
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