• The new TALEXXengine IMAGE portfolio – the lighting solution


The new TALEXXengine IMAGE portfolio – the lighting solution

With brilliant backlighting from TALEXXengine IMAGE SELECT or TALEXXengine IMAGE PREMIUM, light boxes or light pillars make a uniformly bright impression.

The perfect unit: The new TALEXXengine IMAGE portfolio of Tridonic used for applications inposter boxes, banner installations and light pillars

Dornbirn, Austria – Advertising, information or signs on light boxes, light pillars, poster boxes and banner installations all make a good impression. These can be further enhanced with the use of TALEXXengine IMAGE LED system solutions from Tridonic which offer brilliant and absolutely uniform backlighting. Depending on the particular application indoors or outdoors, either TALEXXengine IMAGE SELECT or TALEXXengine IMAGE PREMIUM will be the right choice.

Both systems feature matching components, including an aluminium profile that acts as a heat sink and accommodates the high-power LED modules with diffuser lenses and patented “hotspot suppression” for a uniform distribution of light.

The fact that they are complete units makes handling and installation easier. Excellent properties, together with a low-profile design make them ideal choice for presenting any type of message in the right light.

Both TALEXXengine IMAGE SELECT and TALEXXengine IMAGE PREMIUM are suitable for equipping newly designed lighting elements, for bringing existing installations up to date and for saving a considerable amount of energy. Engines of different lengths can be combined to suit the particular application without any loss in the quality or uniformity of the light.

The daylight white LED engine with a colour temperature of 6,500 K and 30° beam angle creates a brilliant impression. Rectangular light boxes or poster boxes with messages on one or both sides can be evenly illuminated – with no stripes or bright spots as is the case with fluorescent lamps. Another important benefit of LED solutions is that they need virtually no maintenance because the light sources have such a long life.

TALEXXengine IMAGE SELECT and PREMIUM can be operated with a constant current of either 350 mA for high energy efficiency or 700 mA for higher luminous efficacy so that even fabric-covered light boxes present their messages with impressive clarity. Tridonic provides the appropriate TALEXXconverters, each tailored precisely to the needs of the TALEXXengine IMAGE portfolio, for constant current operation and, in the case of the TALEXXengine IMAGE PREMIUM versions, also for constant voltage operation. Complete system solutions therefore come from a single supplier providing an added benefit for any application.

Optimum economy

TALEXXengine IMAGE SELECT, with its IP20 protection, is designed above all for indoor applications. Five different sizes from 300 to 1,500 mm are available so that individual solutions can be achieved. The lengths match those of T8 fluorescent lamps, making this innovative LED system a brilliant substitute – with added value. A smaller number of TALEXXengine IMAGE SELECT units are required to achieve a uniform appearance for light boxes – with impressive system efficiency.

High-end functionality

The extremely robust TALEXXengine IMAGE PREMIUM unit is designed to provide brilliant and uniform illumination for surfaces or light boxes in unprotected outdoor applications. IP66 protection for the twelve versions with lengths from 300 to 1,500 mm offers excellent protection against dust and jets of water. Another benefit in constant voltage mode is the step-circuit function which in combination with a presence sensor adjusts the luminous flux depending on whether there are any people nearby, further improving the energy efficiency.

TALEXXengine IMAGE is an optimised light instrument with exceptional system efficiency. Tridonic know-how helps surfaces, light pillars and light boxes attract attention.

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