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  • Tridonic at Light & Building 2010


Tridonic at Light & Building 2010

At this year's Light & Building Tridonic is spanning a wide range of technologies under the umbrella concepts of sustainable energy efficiency and economy. And it is also presenting itself with a new name and a new appearance.

Dornbirn, Austria – Tridonic's top priorities are and always have been to support its customers, optimise their applications in terms of functionality and economy and be available at all times as a reliable partner in all aspects of lighting control and operation. With its new appearance, a change of name to Tridonic and its new slogan "enlightening your ideas", the company is presenting a modern and consistent face. The high quality of its pioneering product range extending across different technology platforms remains unchanged. Tridonic is able to demonstrate this by numerous new products and innovations in a wide range of technologies.

LED – the lighting of the future

In the LED sector Tridonic is underlining the bright future of this technology with a whole series of new products and its commitment as an expert in lighting applications and a leading innovator. The component and system solutions – with a luminous flux of up to 4400 lumen – offer high-quality alternatives in terms of lifetime and energy efficiency for many different applications including high-class street lighting.

LED operating equipment for every need

Just as varied as the range of LED applications is Tridonic's broad product portfolio of TALEXX LED converters for all areas of application. Graded functions and features provide a task-specific selection of everything from standard solutions for general illumination to high-performance devices and high-quality added-value solutions such as vibrant colour sequencing. In integrating intelligent interfaces and complex control functions Tridonic has applied its extensive experience and expertise from the field of electronic ballasts and digital dimming for multi-functional high-end solutions.

White light, unique in quality, gradation and reproducibility

Tridonic is totally committed to developing products with these features. It is these features therefore that are the common denominator of several new LED lighting system products in spotlight, downlight and signage applications. TALEXXengine STARK, for downlight applications from 1100 to 2000 lumen, is offered with two defined colour temperatures of 3000 and 4000 K or with a changeable colour temperature of 2700 to 6500 K. Impressive colour homogeneity with a colour rendering index of Ra 90 makes the TALEXXengine STARK ideal for high-quality lighting tasks.
TALEXXengine FULMEN for accent lighting is presented in 15 and 27 W versions and with two different beam angles of 15° and 25°. Two colour temperatures are offered for applications with warm or cool lighting moods. Common to all the solutions is the uniform consistency of the light within the complete spotlights.

TALEXXchain CRYSTAL is the new generation of LED module chains for signage. They achieve a new unique white light brilliance with significant improvement in the distribution of light for thinner and therefore more versatile signage elements. TALEXXengine IMAGE is the addition to the product range for signage, particularly for large-format backlit light boxes and poster boxes. Here too the brilliant properties of the light and the beam angle for the uniform distribution of this light combine to create effective and efficient backlighting solutions.

Fluorescence: integrated (energy) intelligence and minimal standby losses

Integrated intelligence for operating devices with minimal standby losses (best in class). These are the properties of Tridonic's solutions for fluorescent lamps that are showing the way forward in terms of economy and energy efficiency. Integrated daylight and presence control for dimmable ballasts ensures that light is provided precisely as and when it is needed and at the appropriate level – with enormous energy savings as a result. The new generation features an optimised xitec processor that keeps standby losses down to only 0.2 W. The tailor-made solutions range from simple energy-saving dimming to complex solutions integrated in lighting management systems. There is the option of expanding with emergency lighting systems featuring numerous new products.

Energy saving with HID

The new generation of electronic ballasts for high-intensity discharge lamps (PCI-C) for indoor and outdoor applications offers integrated energy-saving functionality, multi-optional DALI interface, maximum life and improved thermal behaviour, ideal for outdoor applications that call for robust design and high quality. Even the innovative and particularly energy-efficient metal halide lamps from manufacturers such as Philips, GE and Sylvania are covered.

The ecolution sustainability strategy

ecolution is the name given to the company's holistic sustainability strategy. Tridonic is setting new standards here – for the benefit of the environment, society and above all the customers. These standards go far beyond environmental protection pure and simple and the usual set of standards. Sustainability is firmly integrated in all corporate processes with internationally ISO-certified production sites and extremely high quality requirements in all aspects from supplier specification and production to logistics and service procedures. For customers the benefit of ecolution is manifested in a large number of energy-efficient product references, indicated by the green eco label, and cross-application consultation supported by visualisation and simulation programs.

For Tridonic sustainability means above all helping all customers find the perfect solution for their specific requirements. On behalf of its customers, Tridonic is therefore committed to technological progress and the effective and intelligent development of existing products and technologies.

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