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  • Effective illuminated advertising


Effective illuminated advertising

Signage elements such as backlit logos and vibrant light boxes cannot achieve their desired effect unless the backlighting is uniform. The TALEXXengine IMAGE and TALEXXchain P511-IP67 CRYSTAL LED solutions from Tridonic are ideal for this application because they combine high luminous efficacy with colour homogeneity, raising the quality of white light to a new level.




TridonicAtco GmbH & Co KG, Dornbirn/Austria – Only with first-class backlighting can signage elements become true visual highlights and present their message in a way that will impress. Thanks to their high luminous efficacy and colour homogeneity, this is precisely what the LED solutions in the TALEXX family are able to achieve. TridonicAtco GmbH & Co. KG are showcasing these products at Light & Building 2010. The perfectly matched TALEXXengine IMAGE LED system is designed so that light boxes present a uniform appearance. The TALEXXchain P511-IP67 CRYSTAL LED module chain is suitable for illuminating logos and lettering in any shape, angular or curved.

The TALEXXengine IMAGE LED system offers exceptional system efficiency for backlighting light boxes or poster boxes thanks to its perfectly matched components. High-power LEDs with diffuser lenses and patented hotpot suppression for uniform distribution of light are mounted on an aluminium section which also functions as the heat sink. This optimised "light" tool" can illuminate rectangular boxes printed on one or both sides with complete uniformity.

The TALEXXengine IMAGE range includes three versions with lengths of 265 mm, 445 mm und 1075 mm with three, five and twelve LEDs respectively, covering all applications both indoors and outdoors. The daylight white light with a colour temperature of 6500 K makes a brilliant statement. These systems can be operated with a constant current of either 350 mA with high energy efficiency or 700 mA with higher luminous efficacy so that even fabric-covered light boxes present their messages with impressive clarity.

The TALEXXchain P511-IP67 CRYSTAL LED module ensures that logos, individual letters and lettering appear bright and uniform. A broad palette of vibrant colours and faultless white tones are available to guarantee impressive results. The crystal solid version offers long life and exceptional robustness thanks to its IP67 protection.

The "crystal white" light colour presents white lettering and surfaces in absolutely uniform brilliance. This is achieved thanks to the colour temperature of 6500 K of this special Tridonic light colour and to the beam angle of 155°. A high luminous efficacy of 50 lm/W and a balanced distribution of light (crystal shape) round off this impressive performance and offer a new level of white light quality. Each of the 6 m long TALEXXchain P511-IP67 CRYSTAL chains consists of 30 modules each with three white light points in "crystal white". The chain can be split behind any module and is easy to install, providing extremely flexible design options for signage elements.

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